[HHTD] h2eungil and comice

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[HHTD] h2eungil and comice

Postby nenad » Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:41 pm

Replay Link: http://storage.entgaming.net/replay/vie ... 663182.w3g
Game Name: HELLHALT TD #46
Your Warcraft III Username: nenadmne
Violator's Warcraft III Username: h2eungil and comice
Violated Rule(s): Refusing to build in attempt to teamkill. Abusing ignore command, no team cooperation.
Time of Violation (in-game or replay):
(04:12 / Allied) nenadmne: servants exposed thanks
(04:25 / Allied) comice: !ignore nenad

lvl 16
lvl 17
lvl 18

Sorta whole game but those are hardcore.
Any further thoughts:
h2eungil: going mercinary without any knowledge of the game. Exuse me im not training dummy, if you wanna learn mercinary go singleplayer. Failed to build 16,17 and 18 leading to ridiciolus loss lvl 18, when he didnt build single unit if i recall despite not being afk, leaking 95% of level creeps not letting me or teal even catch fast enough his leaks.
comice: Abuse ignore command, like what in the world is that ?????? He exposed my servants with underbuild and ignore like i did something to him, Worst thing with servant is expousure of units.

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Re: [HHTD] h2eungil and comice

Postby Kappa » Sun Feb 17, 2019 9:36 am

comice - Using the !ignore command isn't abusing the ignore command. Players are free to use it anytime as long as they still play with their team. No timestamps of refusing to cooperate with team given or noticed when skimming replay.

h2eungil - This is a new player who quickly gets behind in the game. Also, there is a language barrier here as player doesn't speak English well. Builds and plays on all levels just makes bad/new player decisions and gets too far behind to recover. Doesn't appear malicious. Not going to issue a ban for a player trying to learn the game.


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