Report ace and dead

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Report ace and dead

Postby KiwiLeKiller » Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:06 am


Ace and dead didn't respect the 2 hours rule on those reports!
"in a moment of extreme passion"
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Re: Report ace and dead

Postby Crey » Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:43 am

I dont like that you report such a thing and make a fun of it. I agree rule is a rule, but still dont need to report everything.

It was a clear violation of the rules and such an action requires immediate decisive action to prevent him from abusing being a game owner in the next game. Such that if yolo decides to abuse being owner he shouldn't be able to become a game owner before acknowledging his wrongdoing. The rule Mickey made was to prevent rage-reporting and as the report i submitted states it isn't due to rage-reporting but a clear violation of the rules which affects immediate upcoming games. A person who is willingly and flagrantly abusing certain roles needs to be put under review immediately. I am only doing my due diligence.

2 hours rule was made mostly against rage reports and in dead's report it was not about rage at all. Dead's arguments were pretty much enough to not keep 2 hours rule, and your later reports about the rule abuse are not funny and make no sense @Kiwi @FadingSuns Try to think first before you want to report someone, no need to do it just if you only want to trigger a person.

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