Help Revive Risk, Will pay.

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Help Revive Risk, Will pay.

Postby CastIronSenator » Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:03 am

Hello, Risk was really and pretty much destroyed because of bad management, and overall stupid actions.
Euro risk started to lag after a recent patch and it was a midlish lag like 20% not end of the world, the new cheiftan stupidly asked ent to change the map to RISK ASIA, Which destroyed the community in whole. people were still playing Risk devo with lag and were happy and no one would play risk asia.
I would like to see risk devo come back and strong agian, weekends were hot and wild with multiple games at busy hours and it was a well played game, If i need to donate to keep the hosting continueing let me know, If there are anyone who can fix this multiboard lag malfunction would also be compsenated with a gift game on steam of there choosing.

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Re: Help Revive Risk, Will pay.

Postby Ziadoma » Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:52 am

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 If i need to donate to keep the hosting continueing let me know,

If this is as a big problem as you describe, try to bring more people here to support your suggestion so ent sees what the community wants. There is no need to donate anything, but I guess since ENT's services are all free, they would appreciate any donations.
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Re: Help Revive Risk, Will pay.

Postby Unitil » Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:34 am

Please follow the authost format in the future. I know this was autohosted previously, but this lets us know what map you wish to be hosted.

With regards to why this bot was taken down, it was inactive in general. This included both versions of maps that were being hosted. This in part was due to the 1.30.x patches that caused issues with a map that's not actively under development to fix these types of issues.

Regardless, please create a new topic with the proper format. We require maps be actively hosted, and support from the community be given. Otherwise it's a bot hosting empty lobbies. We do not host maps based on donations.

This suggestion is denied.

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