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Postby AndyMaster » Sat Feb 06, 2021 4:10 pm

Hello Ent,

If your plan is to turn off everything anyways, please make the few of us that still play moderators. Now there is always one or two ***holes that ruin every game and they are never banned for it. Please make at least 5 of us admin so that we can ban people and let ENT survive a little longer!!



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Postby AndyMaster » Sat Feb 06, 2021 4:31 pm

Ok and here is a logical way to do it. We who want to become admins would make a $100 donation to ENT one time or ($20 per month) or something like that. Now we get to become admin. You as ENT will retain the right to cancel our ADMIN at ANYTIME at your SOLE DISCRETION. . . so basically if the "paid admins" screw up you can revoke them anytime time with / without cause. It is a win-win-win. . .
1. You will pick up some easy cash.
2. The games will be moderated.
3. If the admins are abusing their power, people will just post the Admin abuse on this forum and you instantly revoke their admin privileges (with no refund of their money). So now the admins are incentivized to "do the right thing" otherwise they just wasted $100 or $20 a month etc.
4. Dota will have a LOT less toxic people and may even extend the game for months / years!

Think about it, there is no downside to my plan.


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Postby CatDog00000001 » Sun Feb 07, 2021 7:10 am

That ship has sailed.
ENT is shutting down and that decision is definitive. Hiring new staff members wont change anything about that.
If you actually believe that the Management - which uak is still part of - would make that decision without consulting him, then you really dont know how ENT works.
For whatever reason you have contacted me and you have received the official response of the management. Let it be.

You dont seem to understand the way this works. the mods dont work for you anymore. ent is already in shut down mode.

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Postby Astros » Mon Feb 08, 2021 12:41 am

I believe ENT could have seen a surge of players returning due to COVID lockdowns but it's likely too late for any return to happen at this point. The games aren't going to be moderated or reviewed unless one of the current moderators are in one of those game-ruining games and/or have a vendetta against a player. The issue with letting just anyone be a moderator is that the older moderators would have to be more active and help review the cases in the event that you may be abusing your powers. None of them wanted to do that even before ENT closed so it's very unlikely they will magically return to appease you.
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Postby inf3ro » Tue Feb 09, 2021 5:48 pm

I understand your frustration, but i can assure you that even if ent will have a couple of gm the situation will not solve anyway.
Toxic players have been for ever, when ent was moderated but gms apparently didnt give any shit back in the days...
When good players came with solution to improve the quality of the ent games, the moderators says "every player has the right to play however he want", so with other words every idiot could do anything in game, or every bad player can ruin a game..
For this i`m glad that this platform failed, they lose 90% players and here have left only game ruiners :)

For the guy with donation, i suggest you to keep your money (better get a hooker) instead to waste for the idiots from ent

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Postby blazeitup » Thu Feb 11, 2021 5:20 pm

Ent wont "survive a little longer" by banning the few players that remain. Its on the verg of games not even starting anymore so by banning the few we have, even if they are shit, is not gonna help you in any way....

And there are mods, you just need to go to discord and talk to them. Quetra, Amnon, unitil are always there. Even if sometimes slow to answer, they usually help out.

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