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Autohost Suggestion Format

Postby uakf.b » Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:27 am

First of all, thanks for posting suggestions! We love hearing feedback from our players, and it helps to improve the community.

For autohost suggestions, before you make a post, check to make sure there are not already other bots on hosting the map (in which case ENT also hosting it would just be redundant) and use the public hosting system to confirm that there is enough interest in the map to warrant autohosting (link: how to upload a map to public hosting).

Then, copy the format below and make a new post in this section (you don't have to actually copy the format, but do make sure that you include all of the parts below in your post):

Subject: Autohost [NAME OF MAP]

Code: Select all

[b]Link to map[/b] (or load code if it's on the public hosting bot):
[b]Slot layout[/b] if applicable (for example, if some slots need to be closed):
[b]Number of players[/b] until autostart:
[b]Problems with map[/b] (like cheats and such), if any:
[b]Why the map should be autohosted[/b]:
[b]Special notes[/b]:

Special notes includes things like if autoban should be disabled (autoban is enabled by default on all bots), any scoring/stats system desired.
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