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Postby Dew » Wed May 10, 2017 3:34 pm

Overall Rules:

Map version: 4.0.4
Mode: -hpac & prophet builder
Match setup: 3v3

4 player team max. (Must add your sub as part of your signup)
You may use any 3 person combo of your 4 players each game.
No player can play on multiple teams.

Signup period ends 11pm EST on 5-17-17 (5am CST 5-18-17)
Tournament will run 5/19-5/21
Link to bracket:
Seeding will be randomized. Bracket will show incorrect/random matches until finalized. (5/18)
Review bracket for your matches start times. (Bracket will be posted 5-18-17)

Teammates must check in with organizer within 15 minutes of start time.
Game starts once all check-ins are done, or 15 min time limit is reached.
If you are short a player at start time, you may only pickup another player if they are NOT on another registered team and if the other team approves.
If the other team doesn't approve a sub, you may forfeit or play with who you have.
All games are going to hosted with an organizer present, as a referee.

In game Rules:

Can use any unit in the game (other than merc).
No use of merc race.
Cross is NOT allowed.
"Stacking a side" is not allowed.
No making debuffs for teammate.
You may share auras. You are allowed to share auras with your teammate in a dual lane.
You may only make 1 of each aura @ teammate. (1 upped, 1 unupped if applicable)
Allowed "Aura towers" at ally, are Apparition + Upgrade, Captain + Upgrade, Troll Champion, Flying Machine OR Helicopter, Ice Troll + Upgrade, Overseer + upgrade, Polar Bear or Magnataur, Tree of Time + Tree of Slow, Ghost, Butcher, Centaur Foreman, Young OR Elder witch doctor, Messiah, & Goliath.
No delay towers allowed.

Do not sell value to stall time and gain an advantage on a racing level.
No intentionally leaving after sending to give an advantage to team values.(No intentionally leaving at all if you are doing bad try to fix )

Do not juggle or change the king's target to delay killing, except to efficiently kill multiple targets or kill higher priority targets such as sent units or low hp units.

NO remakes, no exceptions.
If anyone drops you play with who's left. Therefore, all Players are recommended to use gproxy to prevent drops.
If you have a 24h disconnect with your isp, make sure it doesnt interfere with the set game times.

- Must be used on your stuck units.
- May be used on auras your ally built for you in order to make sure they stay at you.
- Cannot be used on opponent team.
- Cannot be used to kill-steal your teammate.
- Cannot be used to delay or prevent units from teleporting to king with the intention to hide units or to aggro units away from king.
- Cannot be used on your own/ally/enemy towers to send them to the king without fighting creeps.

Known bugs with Oracle, Mistress, Skeleton Mage, Yggrasil, & Phantom. (Use any of these at your own risk)
4.0.5 changelog discussing known bugs in 4.0.4 ... 7smT8/edit

Violation of rules can result in a forfeit or removal from tournament.
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Re: Rules

Postby Aneks » Fri May 12, 2017 8:27 pm

hiho,have suggestion for next tour :): mb just make bracket with teams and let the leaderof each team chose the time of the day to play it ;] if they do't agree Then the time is set for all teams the same example 5pm cet ;]
Because of that i cant play it because of time when start;/

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Re: Rules

Postby rip_joe5 » Fri May 12, 2017 11:14 pm

We tried something of that sort the first tourney we did and it didn't work at all won't be trying that ever again sorry
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