F.A.Q. of patch 1.30.x

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F.A.Q. of patch 1.30.x

Postby Unitil » Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:22 am

Welcome to the F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) for patch 1.30.x. We have received a large number of questions, and have gathered a number of answers for those said questions below.

If the below answers did not help, please create a Technical Support request, so we can assist you further with your question/problem. Alternatively, you can reach us on our Discord.

Reconnection Tools F.A.Q.
GProxy DLL: Not compatible with the 1.30.x patches
  • Be sure all files are removed from your installation if used pre-1.30 (.ini, .cfg, .mix)
  • Be sure <GProxy> is not selected as your connecting realm, you will not connect
  • We will be sure to update the Discord/wiki when/if this is updated.
GProxy Varlock: Compatible with the 1.30 Patch
ENTConnect: Compatible with the 1.30 Patch

Eurobattle.net F.A.Q.
Q: Can I play on ENT Gaming bots via Eurobattle.net?
A: Cross-patch hosting does not appear to be functional at this point in time. This is mainly due to the differences between the 1.29+ and 1.28.5 patches. It is currently not possible to join games from Eurobattle.net without being kicked. They have noted that they will eventually be moving to the newer patches, however, they have not specified any date regarding this.

ENT Connect F.A.Q.
Q: I'm unable to see games listed under 'LAN' in my WC3 game, how can I fix this?
A: Please see our WIKI with regards to patch/game requirements, and a setup/troubleshooting guide.

Q: The square icon is green, and I can join games, however, I'm always kicked after downloading the map.
How can I fix this?
A: Due to the differences between the 1.29.x patch and 1.27 patches, it is currently not possible to play on ENT Gaming bots via ENT Connect. There is no ETA on if/when this will be fixed.

General F.A.Q.
Q: My client keeps crashing/desyncing x minutes into the game, is this going to be fixed?
A: Issues pertaining to crashing/desyncing are related to map compatibility with the 1.30 patch. This is not bot related.

These issues will need to be addressed by Blizzard via a patch, or by the map creator.

We will update our bots should a patched/working version of the map be provided via suggestion on our forum.

Q: My client does not connect to battle.net, and hangs on "Initializing Connection to Battle.net..."
A: Some reported fixes for this issue are as follows
  • Reselect your realm via the gateway button next to the <Battle.net> button.
  • If GProxy DLL is installed, ensure it is not selected under the available realms.
  • Spam left-click while initiating your connection
  • If the above did not work, you can try re-installing your client.
  • If none of this worked, you may be temporarily banned from joining battle.net

Q: Games are not listed in my LAN menu when using ENT Connect. What's wrong?
A: What patch are you using?
If you're on any patch below the <1.30.9922> patch, then games will not be listed for you to join. Be sure to update your client for this to fuction properly.

Q: My sound is buggy with the most recent patch, how do I fix this?
A: This is a known issue with the 1.30.x patches, this will need to be fixed by Blizzard.

Q: Warkeys is no longer working with the 1.30 patches, does anyone have a fix for this?
A: It has been reported that it is indeed broken with the 1.30 patch, and needs to be patched.

One alternative users have noted is AucT Hotkeys Tool.

Q: Some models appear invisible while in-game, and cannot be targetted. How can this be fixed?
A: This is an issue with the models used within the map itself. Only means of fixing this is by Blizzard or the map creator.

You can try deleting the map, and redownloading it, however, will likely not solve your issue.

Q: My download is stuck at ~X%, how can I fix this? /// My installation/update does not work
A: Refer to one of the following posts.
Post Patch Can't Run Fix : https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20762097041
Mac - Download stuck at ~69% : https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20757325828
Wins - Download stuck at ~65% : https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20762296111

Q: Why is the game not full screen? How do I fix this?
A: The game has full widescreen support, however, the in-game menu/loading screens have an added black bar on either side of the screen. This was intended! The in-game is full widescreen support without any stretching.

I will refer to a post made by a developer.
Pete Stilwell wrote:The interface wasn't designed to work with modern aspect ratios. To maintain functionality - and not ship a stretched version of the game we all love - the pillar box has been applied in menus.

If you play some games, you'll see widescreen support in all its glory.


Q: I'm experiencing issues where my mouse does not line up with the highlighted menu button, or the in-game button.
A: This is a known issue, and will likely need to be patched on Blizzards end.

There have been a few posts regarding this already, and all revolve around playing in windowed mode.
  1. Edit the alias properties used to launch your Warcraft III client
    1. Locate the alias used to launch your Warcraft III client
      • If the shortcut is in your start menu, right click and click "More" then "File Location"
    2. Right-click the alias, and click "Properties"
    3. Complete the following:

      Code: Select all

      1. Add the following to the end of the target " -window"
      Example:// "C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe" -window
      ***There is a space between " and -window
      This will launch your game in windowed mode

      2. Change "Run:" dropdown menu to reflect "Maximized"
      This option is your choice, however, it will launch your game in "Maximized" mode.
      If you experience problems with this, simple change this back to "Normal window"
    4. Click "Apply" and launch your game.
      • If you opted for both changes to your alias, your game should launch in windowed mode, and will be maximized to your full screen. This is minus the window border, and the task bar.
  2. Change to windowed mode, without editing your alias
    1. Open your Warcraft III client
    2. Hit Alt+Enter on your keyboard
      • This will change your client to windowed mode
    3. If you want your window Maximized, click the middle of the three upper right buttons.
Q: Will ENT Gaming support 24 player maps? /// How come I cannot join my 24 player map?
A: Currently only ENT Connect does not have 24 player support.

There is no ETA for when this will be resolved

Q: I keep getting kicked at 99% download, how can I fix this?
A: Dependent on your situation, you could be either trying to connect via Eurobattle.net or ENT Connect. Please see the respective sections for those platforms above.

If you're still experiencing this issue, beyond the two mentioned platforms, please let us know by posting a Technical Support request on the forum.

Updates regarding this F.A.Q. topic will be noted below.

Code: Select all

Updated FAQ for patch 1.30

GProxy++ by Varlock has been updated with support for 1.29.x patches. See our wiki for details.

Updated FAQ for patch 1.29.1

Update ELO - stat tracking is working since 1.29.1

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