Hosting Games from WC3 with WC3Connect

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Hosting Games from WC3 with WC3Connect

Postby uakf.b » Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:37 pm

You can now host games directly from WC3 with WC3Connect, similar to the way you can host games on with the 1.30.1 patch.

The 1.30.2 patch changes this method of hosting. Instead of players directly connecting to you, they connect through a Blizzard proxy. This means you may have very high ping if you're outside North America / Europe / small parts of Asia.

To host with WC3Connect, follow these steps (you must be on 1.30.1 patch, not 1.30.2):
  • Get WC3Connect, create an account, and login
  • Under Settings, check "Enable Hosting from LAN" (if you don't see this option, get the latest version of the app)
  • Set up port forwarding for your Warcraft III game port (configured in Warcraft III -> Options -> Gameplay); see Wikihow for a guide
  • Open up Warcraft III, go to Local Area Network, and create a game
  • Other players should now be able to join your game by selecting it from the Unmoderated section in WC3Connect. They will connect directly to your WC3, so if they are in the same geographic region as you, they should have low ping.

This functionality is still in beta; please post here or let us know on our Discord if you run into any issues. Also let us know if it works!
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Re: Hosting Games from WC3 with WC3Connect

Postby F-Train » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:33 pm

This app is awesome
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