Hero KEEPER OF THE LIGHT Hero Animated
Advanced statistics
Affiliation: Sentinel
Attack Animation: 0.3 / 0.85
Damage: 38 - 54
Casting Animation: 0.3 / 2.4
Armor: 1.1
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Movespeed: 315
Projectile Speed: 900
Attack Range: 600
Sight Range: 1800 / 800
Channels a ball of positive energy, letting it build up 100 damage per second. When released, it damages all enemies in a line. The distance also improves with channeling time.
Notes • Damage type: magical• Illuminate gives increasing vision of the target area as it is channeled.• Can damage Meat Wagons and Glaive Throwers.• Can hit units up to 1900 range away.
Mana Leak
Weakens the bond between the physical and magical essences of an enemy. The magical and physical essences will be divided if the target moves, causing the enemy to lose some of their mana. If the enemy loses all of its mana, it will be paralyzed while the bond is repaired.
Notes • If the target travels over 300 distance in less than 0.1 second (by using blink skills, for example), Mana Leak will not decrease its mana for that distance.
Chakra Magic
Channels chakras through a friendly unit, creating a surge of mana.
Notes • Cannot target allies with magic immunity.

Spirit Form
Ezalor turns his body luminescent temporarily. His mastery of light becomes so powerful that he can freely cast Illuminate without channeling, cast a brilliant light that blinds foes, and teleport allies from anywhere to his side at light speed.
Notes • While in spirit form, Ezalor no longer needs to channel Illuminate; it will be channeled by a secondary, ghostly spirit.
Hero Introduction
The Keeper of the Light is a one man support team. He has a wide variety of support spells for any situation. He is a master of manipulating mana, with Chakra Magic to restore large amounts of energy to his allies and Mana Leak to drain it from his foes. Illuminate turns the Keeper of the Light into a piece of artillery. After a long charge up time, Illuminate releases a massive shockwave of energy, dealing huge amounts of damage to all enemies in its path. Due to its long channeling period, this spell is generally most effective in large offensive or defensive pushes. Spirit Form further elevates the support skills of the Keeper. While in Spirit Form, he no longer needs to be present to channel Illuminate; a spirit charges it for him, allowing him to move freely and cast other spells. He also gains the valuable Recall and Blinding Light spells while transformed. Recall can teleport any allied hero to his location from anywhere on the battlefield, and Blinding Light releases a massive pulse of light which knocks enemies away and causes them to miss most of their attacks for a few seconds afterwards. For support-minded players, it's tough to find a better hero.
Background story
Master of light and mana manipulation, Ezalor was once viewed as a scholar, and was regarded as a powerful mentor to many. However, his defection and betrayal of his allies during the War of the Magi caused him to be sentenced to banishment to the spirit realm for all of eternity. However, knowing of his tremendous power, the Sentinel granted him a corporeal form within the physical realm in exchange for his alliance against the Scourge onslaught. As such, Ezalor carries his duties of supporting his comrades valiantly despite the treacherous past that most know little about.