Hero NERUBIAN WEAVER Hero Animated
Advanced statistics
Affiliation: Scourge
Attack Animation: 0.64 / 0.36
Damage: 50 - 60
Casting Animation: 0.3 / 0.51
Armor: 0.96
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Movespeed: 290
Projectile Speed: 900
Attack Range: 425
Sight Range: 1800 / 800
The Swarm
Summons a swarm of beetles.
Notes • When a beetle latches on a a target, it will remain there until it is killed or the duration expires.• Beetles are magic immune, but can be killed in 4 attacks from a hero, or 8 from other units.• Every 1.35 seconds, the beetle will attack its target, dealing damage and reducing the target's armor by 1 until the beetle is killed or the duration expires.• Beetles provide 321/321 sight, but will drop off their target if it becomes invisible.
Causes the Nerubian Weaver to move so fast as to become invisible. Any units passed through will take damage. Lasts 4 seconds
Notes • Damage type: magical• Can only damage a unit once per cast.• Fade time: 0.25 seconds
Geminate Attack
Occasionally the Nerubian Weaver will send out two swarms, attacking an opponent twice. You must do an ordered attack to activate this.
Notes • Geminate Attack is an Orb Effect.• The extra attack will never trigger attack effects (orb effects, bash and critical strike).• Nerubian Weaver needs an attack order for this ability to activate.• The attack in which this skill procs is considered an Orb Effect Buff Placer, while the bonus attack is considered only an Orb Effect.• Can affect towers.

Time Lapse
Warps the Weaver 5 seconds back in time, resetting the HP, Mana and position. Does not affect cooldown, gold or experience.
Notes • Removes negative buffs from Nerubian.
Hero Introduction
The Nerubian Weaver counters his own weakness of being extremely fragile with constant bursts of maximum speed and invisibility, along with the ability to deal double damage periodically on an attack. He is the master of in, out, and back in. Can send out swarms of beetles that latches onto his foes to create chaos among large armies or to reduce his prey's armor and damage them. Finally, the Weaver can Time Lapse into the recent past, returning his location, hps and mana to where they were 5 seconds prior. Extremely quick and agile, but if caught off guard can quickly fall himself.
Background story
Anub'seran. The name of this creature strikes fear into all of those who have seen the Nerubians. Even the famed assassin Anub'arak is hesitant to fight this beast, which comes from the plane of the spirit world. He can swiftly walk through his enemies, bending their bodies to his will, causing pain while he strides through them. With his powers over the timeless plane, he can also step inside and throw himself into the past to keep himself from death. He can call an attack from the future to strike his foes, making his onslaught more deadly. Anub'seran. Only the fools do not fear his name.