Hero BOUNTY HUNTER Hero Animated
Advanced statistics
Affiliation: Sentinel
Attack Animation: 0.59 / 0.58
Damage: 45 - 59
Casting Animation: 0.3 / 0.51
Armor: 5.94
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Movespeed: 315
Projectile Speed: Instant
Attack Range: 128 (melee)
Sight Range: 1800 / 1000
Shuriken Toss
The Bounty Hunter throws a shuriken at a target unit, dealing damage.
Notes • Damage type: magical• Possesses a mini-stun, allowing it to effectively interrupt the target.
Passively adds a critical strike and maim to Bounty Hunter's next attack, has a cooldown.
Wind Walk
Turns invisible for a period of time. Deals bonus backstab damage. Transition time decreases per level.
Notes • Damage type: physical• Will not break most channeling of spells upon activation.• Invisibility is broken as soon as you start an attack, or start casting any spell.• Has a fade time of 1/0.75/0.5/0.25 seconds

Tracks an enemy hero for 30 seconds or until it dies. Allied units near the tracked target gain 20% movement speed increase. If the target dies, Bounty Hunter gets bonus gold.
Notes • Bounty Hunter will get the bonus gold if the target dies while the spell is still active, regardless of how it dies.• Gives True Sight of the target, as well as shared vision of the target.• Tracked targets have a visual effect above their heads that is only visible to Bounty Hunter's allies.• Grants 50/100/150 bonus gold to all allies (except bounty hunter himself) being affected by the track aura when the target dies• Bonus gold will be added as reliable gold.• The -stats (-st) command allows you to display the total gold gained from this skill.
Hero Introduction
Bounty Hunters like Gondar do not play by the rules. His ideal attack pattern is to initiate from the shadows and stab you in the back. He'll keep this up if unchecked, and carries deadly Shurikens to deal high ranged damage as well. He also learns Jinada, which allows him to deal critical damage while slowing his prey down, allowing his strength to match his cunning later on. What sets him aside from any other killer, however, is that he doesn't work for free. Gondar can Track his targets, monitoring their location, making them easier to chase, and providing a hefty gold reward if the poor sap winds up dead--which he makes often the case.
Background story
Gondar is a Draenei that is often called upon for his superior skills. Not much is known about his past, but his capabilities are extraordinary. Some believe he learned from a ninja clan while others say he was born with his amazing abilities. He is able to throw shurikens with extreme accuracy and has the strength to strike down any foe with his two swift blades. His agility is matched by none, and his stealth is inferior only to few. He is interested in the conflict for money alone, and is promised a large reward.